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Dr. Mounika Ketha

(M.D. Dermatology)

I was first exposed to patients with skin diseases in my final year of graduation in medical school. At the time, I thought skin doctors treated simple ailments such as fungal infections or certain allergies apart from the regular acne, pigmentation, etc. Little did I know about the severe blistering disorders, severe forms of psoriasis, certain fatal drug hypersensitivities, and genetic conditions where the skin is almost absent in places. That is when I started to feel that there was a lot more to the skin than I knew. As I kept diving deeper, I had come to understand that skin always is the first marker of internal disease. Cancer, heart disease, failing liver or kidneys and immune-related diseases even as simple as hypothyroidism start to show signs on your skin, hair, and nails first. It is also the largest organ in the human body and anything around you has to get past your skin first to enter your body. This is when I understood the importance of the subject and chose to do my master’s in dermatology.

After I completed my master’s, I started my practice in Hyderabad. My love for teaching made me join as faculty in Osmania government medical college. Soon I got an opportunity to get trained in the field of aesthetic medicine and LASERs. It was almost stunning to learn how the usage of certain LASERs helped my patients even better, with the most stubborn of skin conditions, which I believed untreatable. I have then incorporated several LASERs in my practice to help patients get the best of both worlds. All our equipment is USFDA-approved and by far the best.

I continued my training in injectables and other procedures thereafter. I believe in their conservative usage to bring just a subtle change towards beautification. It’s absolutely gratifying to see my patients be happier and more confident after undergoing these procedures. My idea is to provide the best treatment options available to my patients while keeping up with the latest advancements, at an affordable price.

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Seasoned Dermatologist

With over 10years experience in the field of dermatology and expertise, Dr. Mounika ketha is the best doctor to identify the cause of your concern and rule out other contributing factors before starting with your treatment.

High-End US FDA Lasers

Assume that at a dermatology clinic, Lasers are the foremost important tools to help the dermatologist give the patients ultimate results that are not possible with just topical and oral medication. Using safe and effective US FDA equipment is the only way to go about it- no excuses in regard to patient care

Strict Protocols

All the staff and therapists are extensively trained and experienced to go by the SOPs laid down and monitored by Doctor herself

Venkatesh KatepallyVenkatesh Katepally
11:14 08 Jul 24
Thodeti ShobhaThodeti Shobha
11:08 08 Jul 24
Good experience and fast results
Thodeti ShobhaThodeti Shobha
11:08 08 Jul 24
Good experience and fast results
anirudh Mudirajanirudh Mudiraj
11:06 08 Jul 24
Good experience and fast results.
anirudh Mudirajanirudh Mudiraj
11:06 08 Jul 24
Good experience and fast results.
Dr M Vandana roshniDr M Vandana roshni
09:08 05 Jul 24
Dr mounika ketha i visit for laser hair reduction. Results are good
Dr M Vandana roshniDr M Vandana roshni
09:08 05 Jul 24
Dr mounika ketha i visit for laser hair reduction. Results are good
Jothothkaiala KaialaJothothkaiala Kaiala
16:38 15 Jun 24
I got my treatment done with dr mounika ketha she makes me feel comfortable throughout entire my treatment. If you are considering book a session I highly recommend. Happy with the products too suitable my skin.
Reethika ReddyReethika Reddy
04:04 29 Apr 24
Thank you so much for your care. Dr. Mounika is absolutely incredible. Would highly recommend Arna clinic for skin and hair problems.
Navya DantuluriNavya Dantuluri
11:29 22 Apr 24
I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Dr.Mounika Ketha and her effective dandruff treatment. After trying numerous solutions without success, her tailored approach proved to be remarkably effective, leading to the elimination of my dandruff. Dr.Mounika's expertise and personalized care truly made a significant difference in resolving my longstanding issue. Highly recommended for anyone seeking reliable and successful dermatological treatment.
Joy ArjunJoy Arjun
05:26 22 Apr 24
I had Keloidal tendency and any wound shall turn into a keloid and I met Dr.Mounika in this Regard and for a scar at the elbow and doctor listened patiently and gave me the Confidence that I can still get back to wear short sleeves again and gave me the laser treatment and the results are amazing within one session of treatment,hence I felt the need to review my happiness and thank doctor for everything, Thankyou Dr.Mounika for Your Comforting and Professional Approach
koya sai saranyakoya sai saranya
06:32 21 Apr 24
After explaining all the procedures. Dr Mounika Ketha has asked me to wait in the procedure room. After about 40 mins without intimation doctor had left the clinic and the receptionist has told me to come tomorrow as the doctor left home. It is basic manners to keep the patient informed. The next day i get a call asking if am coming for the procedure. Do patients look like fools? Kindly learn to respect the patients as we come to a doctor with 100% trust. After paying 700rs consultation fee what we received is nothing. We pay you for receiving treatment not for keeping us wait for 1 hour.Respected ma’am this is in regards to your reply to my review. I have not mentioned you kept me waiting for consultation. I clearly mentioned that after explaining me the procedure only you asked me to wait in the procedure room to proceed forwards. If you did not have the intention of doing the procedure that day you could have asked me to come the next day. I wouldn’t have any issues as i would understand that such things take time and prior intimation. The problem was asking me to wait in the procedure room and leaving the premises without intimating the patient. I am sure you would not like it if you were treated the same way. I am happy with the consultation but i an not happy with the treatment after the consultation is what i intended to say. And using phrases like if you were in a hurry you would come back to us the next day doesn’t sound professional and appropriate because no patient would return back if they are received the way i was. Kindly understand what i tried to convey as you are very well aware of what happened. As mentioned I respect your time and as patient we expect the same too. Thank you 🙏
swapna vijaybabuswapna vijaybabu
12:23 06 Feb 24
Best clinic for all your skin problems.
Vijay Babu KoraVijay Babu Kora
12:20 06 Feb 24
Best clinic for skin care, doctor is very patient and listens all issues and suggest which is best.You can receive best results
Saikumar ShakeliSaikumar Shakeli
07:36 06 Feb 24
I had the best experience, the staff was very friendly.
Kalyani edupugantiKalyani edupuganti
11:44 24 Jan 24
Visited Arna skin and hair clinic for acne.I have done treatment with doctor mounika result is very good.
kalyan Rockykalyan Rocky
12:46 05 Jan 24
Definitely recommend her for all services. The way she's explaining very clearly and soothing experience. Really happy with her results.
manoj ponnammanoj ponnam
07:02 27 Dec 23
Her wealth of experience is evident in the way she approaches treatments. The level of service provided her is truly commendable. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking effective and expert care for their skin and hair concerns
Mahboob AliMahboob Ali
07:05 26 Dec 23
Dr Mounika ketha very good at her job and she took care of me well without any problems. She is treated me with very care and took importance in listining to my view points.Staff also talking very good.
mounika madamanchimounika madamanchi
17:27 05 Dec 23
The best doctor i had ever met. She listens all our doubts patiently and explains clearly the root cause and suggests medication properly. I am undergoing my hair treatment at her i saw the result within two months and now i almost came out of it. After consulting many other doctors regarding my hair issues i finally got the best doctor.The hospital is also hygiene and staff also very kind!
yekula yekulayekula yekula
16:40 21 Nov 23
Thank you so much Dr mounika ketha for understanding my skin and suggesting right treatment happy for spending my treatment. For follow up my sessions and given best results.Staff also good talking and comfortable.

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